We are passionate about providing business and strategic assistance for true innovation that can be implemented on a large scale.

Evolvesmart has the Expertise, Commitment and Contacts to elevate your business thinking to a solution consciousness. We deliver improvements to meet the Collective and Collaborative market needs.


Transformative Investment


We offer opportunities to invest in new assets, businesses and technologies that change paradigms due to being more sustainable and environmentally harmonious, than existing industrial practices.

The technologies are often created by observing and copying Nature (biomimicry), which makes sense as Nature has been solving the kinds of problems humanity faces, for eons. 

Significant efficiencies flow from reducing friction and waste the way Nature does, including reductions in usage of electricity (lower emissions) and preserving natural resources.  The performance and savings are incredible. 

New Technologies

New technologies we believe will change paradigms in their industry sectors include:


A Patented Fan design that matches or increases airflow of typical fan designs (which have changed very little in 100 years) for a fraction of the electricity. This efficiency comes from entraining the airflow in a vortex, which is Nature’s low friction engine, used for all heating and cooling and movements of gases and liquids.



New forms of water purification and desalination that use significantly less electricity than existing methods.


A patented new form of cooling, with a drastically increased heat transfer coefficient, and hence, a significantly lower resource impact. This innovation has significant potential for cooling microchips and computer servers



Dental Implants that mimic Nature and significantly outperform existing implants in criteria like bone adhesion (degree and timing).

We are currently actively sourcing investors for these and other opportunities.

Transformative Financing

Transformative Financing uses these same natural principles to optimise and synergise available capital sources, to create a path of least resistance between investors and paradigm changing opportunities.

We are seeing more flexibility in capital sources in this time where drastic change is required in how humanity meets its needs.

Paradigm Changes

Paradigm changes are realized by working around the path of least resistance, aiming to find this path between investors and paradigm changing opportunities.

The performance and savings are incredible. 

New Technologies

Lucrative Investments to transform the future by implementing large-scale changes to increase efficiency, reduce toxic pollution and preserve endangered resources. 

These technologies create drastic reductions in power usage and pollution.

Our Team

David Still

Principal Consultant

David started the Evolvesmart consultancy in 2010 to assist commercialization of technologies that will help humanity evolve towards a more sustainable future. Evolvesmart has exposed David to numerous new paradigm technologies at different stages in their commercial life cycle.

David had a wealth of business experience prior to that, including eight years as a commercial and taxation lawyer and nine years as an investment banker. 

His banking career included senior roles with Australia’s Macquarie Bank and US Investment Banks, Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs, where he was involved in creating ideas for large deals and taking them all the way through marketing and implementation.

David has led large international business and financing transactions, involving analytical, structuring, selling, teamwork and negotiating skills.

He holds Bachelors of Commerce and Laws, from the University of New South Wales, and a Masters of Laws from the University of Sydney (Australia). 

David has served on the board of the US non-profit Resonance Science Academy for two years, during this time. The Academy conducts research and education in the field of Unified Physics and develops technologies and applications that apply these discoveries to solving some of humankinds’ most fundamental challenges, which is David’s great passion.

David is also the author of the futuristic trilogy “It’s Our Earth Too” designed to entertain our youth and also give them more hope for a brighter future for humanity.

Andrew Darbyshire


After a flirtation with a career in music, I spent 10 years as a commercial pilot, 5 of those years were with QANTAS with their 747 fleet.

I then ventured into software development. I have 24 years experience as a software designer, developer, business analyst and business leader. I have founded 5 tech start-ups and been involved in all aspects of operating and developing these businesses. I’m pretty smart, but if I can find someone smarter who’s willing, I hire them!

I have always seen life as a big adventure. While I consider accumulating personal wealth as important, it certainly isn’t solely about this for me. Happiness comes from contribution, whether that be sweeping the factory floor or inventing something that makes Life better.

I believe leadership is vital for social improvement, but it seems that this kind of leadership is often disruptive to tradition. For this reason, top-down initiatives from the establishment don’t cut it. It has to percolate from the bottom-up. As social entrepreneurs we can highlight what works and clear a path for it to flourish.

I am a family man with a wonderful partner and 4 great kids. In all ways, they have helped me to become a better, more loving person. I cherish them. We belong to a caring and talented community. I long for the day where the whole World has the opportunity to live as I do.

If I have a wish for the future it is for a better system of capital allocation that drives community-based enterprise and innovation and naturally concentrates wealth where it can do the most good. Currently we have an establishment that does the reverse, but I do believe this is starting to shift in a very positive way.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you are a potential investor in, or an inventor with, innovative technology that can help humanity to evolve through transformation.

Please do not send any details unsolicited, particularly if they are confidential.

We see a lot of new ideas and technologies, and may already have seen something similar.

We would always arrange appropriate disclosure undertakings, if and when we proceed to that stage.

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